Thursday, September 04, 2008


I went to watch Wall-e today with Jeanbean and Leonard.
The very last movie I watched was Indiana Jones in june!
3.30pm show at The Cathay + student pass = $6 !!!

Anyway, it's a rather touching show about eathlings in the next 700 years.
Looking at the size and handicapped humans in the show after 700 years is funny but scary.
They are so dependent on the automated chair and robots that they have never step out of that chair they have been lying on.
I hope that humans and the earth will not become like the movie in the next 700 years.
What's so great about living in space when the amount of rubbish created is as much as on earth?
It's only the space envirnoment which makes the disposal of the rubbish infinitely able.

Walllll... e...


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