Friday, September 12, 2008

Chai Chee Sec: A happy day

Few things made me end my week on a happy note in school today.

I am starting to see my 4NA students helping each other out when doing their past year papers. They ask each other when in doubt and I'm glad that the friend was able to teach and explain though it was a bit on the "eh.. you stupid lah" kind of tone.
But on the brighter side, they are learning from each other and when both are unable to solve a problem, they approach me. I hope that they can do well in their N levels.

Then came the 3NA class. I was fortunate that a very experienced teacher came back and now she's my mentor. Every wednesday and friday, we work together with my 3NA class and hope to guide them into passing their final paper. Today's class focus on pythagoras' theorem and recapping the materials we covered since tuesday. Actually, the class is not that weak. They just need the guidance and some pushing to start their stalled engin going. They need constant reminder of the things they have learnt. Hey... applying pythagoras' thoerem was not that difficult after all. The most surprising thing was that one of the students, who totally gave up maths, after some coaxing actually tried the worksheet questions and she managed to answer most of them. I'm surprised. Most of the time, she's sleeping in class or doing her own things. But somehow, the things I taught this week reach her brain and must have been stored somewhere. I'm glad that some of them have understood the things I thought this week.

My last class for the day was with 2N2. As usual, the boys are misbehaving and always very noisy. I have not found the solution in getting them to pay attention in my class. The surprise came when I noticed that Sean wasn't disturbing the class. Instead, he was at a corner, teaching his classmates how to do the activity worksheet which I gave out for students in my group (I split class with another teacher on some days). And when he was done with that corner, he walked over to another student and taught her, despite having to repeat his explanations again. I thanked Sean twice in class today for helping me to teach his classmates on probability. Teaching in this class is not easy when I have to overcome problem of noisy envirnoment in the classroom. Even if the student are able to hear me, they are unable to concentrate because of the disruptions going on in the classroom.

I am researching on how to manage the class but so far I have yet to find the correct solution to it. Especially managing noisy class with hyperactive students. Their energy level never seem to go down.

Anyway, it's FRIDAY!


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