Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grinder-Man, Mustang Singapore (15 - 22 June 2008)

So fast...
The 1 week of rehearsals and performance with Grinder-Man went past with a blink.
No more walk, run, stop, pose, fall, getting up.
No more looking straight.
No more acting as audience.
No more box grabbing.
No more Mustang dance.
I miss the black box.
I miss the people in Grinder-Man.
I miss the fun I had with the Singapore participants.
I miss the times the girls spent at the changing room.
There are so many things I miss.
All these post-performance feelings,
So sad...

On friday and saturday I brought my camera and tripod along.
The original aim on friday was to take a group photo cause the Singapore participants wanted to present something to the Japanese people. (actually the idea of the group photo was mine.)
But the photo wasn't taken until saturday's second pre-show briefing.
Making request doesn't help, my friend and I decided that I should just setup and get the group photo over with once the briefing ended.

With simple editing and design, I managed to get the photos printed in S8R and 4R sizes.
The S8R was for framing with the Singapore participants signing around it.
(unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the final product. so smart of me.)
That was presented to the leader of the Grinder-Man, Hitoshi.
The 4R photos were given to each of the 11 members of Grinder-Man.

Here's the photo.

The Tokyo members consist of:
Hitoshi (leader)
Maki (choreographer)
Tomohiko (aka Prince)

and the crew:
Nobuaki (stage manager)
Iori (sound guy)

I'm still waiting for photos from the rest of the participants.



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