Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm going for camp tmr!!!!
SOW camp it is called.
Gonna have fun and make new friends.

Damn it's already 3pm,
And i haven't pack my things yet for the camp...
Finish this one first,
Then i'll go and pack.

But i don't know where to meet tmr.
So does Liza.
They didn't update their wedsite,
Nor did they mass emailed us.
So we're quite at a lost now,
Cos NUS sci fac is so damn big.
Where exactly is the meeting place???

Hope that the weather for the next few days,
Is going to be nice...
Not too much sunshine,
Not too much rain,
Just cloudy will do.

We'll be sleeping in the tutorial rooms.
It's air-conditioned you know.
No need to woory about hot weather.
But i don't know if i can adjust
To the difference in weather condition
Outside hot then inside cold...
Hope that i don't fall sick.

Came back from marticualting fair yesterday...
Got a few pamplets for laptops.
I ask my mummy if she can share half of the cost with me...
And the reply was NO...
She says that got no money...
But i really want a laptop
To use it in school...

Maybe i'll use my own savings...
But it'll cost one big hole in my bank account...
And then later sure will get scolding
For spending so much money...

Can someone buy me a laptop???


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