Monday, June 23, 2008

Grinder-Man, Mustang Singpaore (The final 2 shows)

The last day of our performance.
Feeling a bit sad now.
Cause it's the last 2 shows from all the effort we have put in for the past 6 days.

Reporting time was later than usual cause the rehearsal studio was only available at 4.30pm.
Though the girls have arranged to come earlier to do what we wanted to do,
time past so quickly to make any good progress.

Warm ups was pair stretching followed by the 5 actions practice:
getting up (fast/slow)

Then we practiced the one line formation which we need to do during the show.
At that point a small accident happened.
We had to wait for the music to stop and fall down.
While falling down, someone hit my nose and I felt liquid flowing.
I covered with my left hand.
The left side of my nose was bleeding.
I sat out for the rest of the warm up and decided to give the 6.30pm show a miss to let my nose heal first.

I get to be a real audience for once and watch the whole performance.
Was back in for the final show at 8.15pm.
Last show...
Everyone put in 200% effort for the last show.
Applause and cheering from the Esplanade staff.
We were cheering when we returned to backstage.
Everyone was so high.

Washed up and join the Grinder-Man for supper at Makansutra.
Going around for signatures.
On behalf of all the Singapore participants, I presented the gift which we made to Hitoshi, the leader of Grinder-Man.
Talked, eat and laugh till past midnight and accompanied them back to their hotel in Bugis before heading home.

I'm high,

p.s. I'm still waiting for photos.


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