Saturday, July 07, 2012

Happy slugging at Jong

Today's trip brings me to one of the southern island's reef.
The set off time was later in the morning at 06:30, more sleeping time for me.
When the team reached the island, the sun had already risen and it was bright.
The amphibious landing means getting water to as high as knee level or even above it.
Having gone through my 3rd amphibious landing, I find it quite fun and the water is cooling. How wish I could take a dip.
Back to the field trip...

This southern island is visited annually by the team. It is a rocky reef with dead and live corals growing on a large area. I got to see some how some of the corals look like when they are submerged. Usually I see them exposed and their polyps retracted.

The first coral I saw is the Broad feathery soft coral. What caught my attention was the polyps, moving and curling at their own pace.
Broad feathery soft coral


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