Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm not lost on the street.
Neither am I lost in feelings.
I'm lost in deciding what kind of tops to buy.

What are the allowed and disallowed tops for a teacher?
One thing I know for sure...
Button blouse are definately ok.
But... I've got big upper arms.
Short sleves blouses are a bit tight at the shoulder area.
(I don't know why they like to have those small closing at the end of the sleves.)
Best is still long sleves.
My chest is another problem.
The big chested girl will show a big hole at the chest area when she wears button blouses cause the chest circumference is a tight fit (thus the area in between 2 buttons are stretched sideways).

Went shopping today at Parkway Parade.
First store was Esprit.
Shopped quite long there cause I keep trying tops.
In the end, I only spent $49.90 on a pair of grey pants (and that pants was on sale).
No tops buying for me today.

Picture from Esprit's website (

So... yup, I'm lost as to what type of tops I want to get.
Hope that the female teachers out there can give me some advise.
Anyway, I still got 2 weeks of shopping time left before I officially start my contract teaching.

Though teachers have the easiest time in the choice of clothes, I still get the headaches.

Esprit and Dorothy Perkins, save the clothes for me...



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