Saturday, June 07, 2008

Congrates to Jiexiang and Corine

I was invited to the wedding lunch of Jiexiang and Corine.
Jiexiang was the President of the NUSPS 37th MC.
I was the assistant secretary then.

This is my first wedding invitation.
Also my first lunch wedding banquet.
NUSPS had one table, which seats 7 out of 12 committee members while the rest were taken up by close friends of NUSPS.
Next to our table is the NUSPS alumni table.

The group table shot (photo by patrick).

Some of the photos can been seen at Gerald's work blog.

We felt that Jiexiang was running another montage more than his wedding.
Never seen such an active groom at his wedding banquet before.

Happy wedding to Jiexiang and Corine.
And I wish them eternal happiness.
Remember the 4 Rs we have for you:
Relax, Reproduce, Replenish, Repeat (cycle).

Their wedding bells ring today,

p.s. No more weddings at isolated, difficult to find way to country club for those future wedding couples.


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