Friday, July 31, 2009

Remember this...

While packing my room. I came across this set of A3 size magazines in my box.
Actually, I always know it's existence as I can see them through the box.
Now, it's the time to take them out to let them have some fresh air and sunshine.

It's actually the free editions of the PhotoVideoi magazine.
I still can remember every month, I would take a walk down to my one and only photo developing shop just to get a copy of this free magazine.
Though I do not have every copy of this free magazine, looking at them now still bring up the time where the free magazine was issued.
As the president of the tampines junior collage photographic society at that time, I actually wrote in to have the magazine delivered to collage so that other students who are interested can have a copy.
(actually, it is more of a convenience sake.)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Delicious tau huey @AMK

Did you know that AMK hub sells very nice tau huey (beancurd)?
Now you know.
It's the dessert shop located on a corner on the second floor of AMK hub.
They serve freshly made tau huey.

Menu. The shop is called Tang Shui Chun.

This is the beancurd bucket for 2 people.
It just so happened that we were lucky the beancurd was ready.
Since their beancurd is freshly made, they are served in such a bucket.
That means the beancurds are made in individual buckets.

You can have the fun to enjoy being a beancurd seller and scope your own bowl of beancurd.

The beancurd is superly smooth and tasty.
A little bit of sugar syrup is sufficient.

Yummy beancurd,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Day at Chai Chee Secondary School

This day marks my last day teaching in Chai Chee Secondary School.
There are angers along the way,
There are happiness along the way.
What's importantly, it the support I get from the people around me.
They have shaped me into becoming a better teacher.

Well... I did not take much photos about the school.
This entry reflects the 3 aspects of Chai Chee Secondary School - Environment, Students and People.
It is really unfortunate that I could not take as much photos as I wanted.

Though the school compound is small, it gives a cozy feeling.
No matter where you stand, you can almost see the whole school, from level 1 to level 4.
Don't be mislead by the condition of the school.
Every classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard.
I must admit that I quite like the board as it is very handy when you want to scribble notes on presentations. Like most would have feedbacked, the software kinda suck.

Corridor outside the general office, leading to the staff room.

Physics Lab is old and woody.

It still has half a blackboard on one side and half a whiteboard on the other side.
Sitting in between is the interactive whiteboard.
The lab is one of the best place to use the interactive whiteboard as it has the correct lighting condition.

After teaching in the school for 1 year, I would not say that all the students are bad.
Most of them are friendly. They are just lazy to pay attention in class.
WIth some encouragement and persuasion and guidance, they can do the given assignment.
Sometimes, I like to hang out with a few of them after school to have some chat.

Colleagues make the best friends in school.
They go for breaks together, have breakfast and lunch together.
We joke around in the staff room, have some fun chats to drive all the frustrations away.
They are the bunch of people I will miss greatly after I leave.

The one year contract teaching experience at Chai Chee Secondary School has been rewarding for me.
I understand is cooperative learning.
I have picked up a new technology - Interactive Whiteboard.
I understood the importance of weekly lesson plans.
I understood a teacher is not just someone who passes knowledge down. There are much more things that a teacher needs to do in school like work review, cca... etc.
There are people who have aspired me to reach for a higher position in the teaching profession.
There are people who suggest to me what are the roles I can take up when I go to a new school.

For now, I'm just a student teacher.
My wish: I hope to become a HOD.

On the eastern shores of Singapore,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Congratulations John and Melody

Today, I attended John and Melody's wedding dinner.
Our guesses were true back in secondary times.
Melody indeed got married first.

The actual wedding ceremony was held yesterday at the Church of Singapore's Chapel.
I have no idea as to why I did not take a single shot when my camera was with me.

Wedding was held at Carlton Hotel.
The hotel provides nice wedding gifts to all the guest.

Either a key:

Or a little glass shot:

Here comes the beautiful bride and handsome groom.
If you realise, the table I was sitting at was right next to the door.
It was a rather bad location as we could not see what was going on at the front.

Chinese menu for the dinner.

Congrats to Melody Ow Yang Foo,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Black and White on my LX3

My LX3's mode uses the properties of a film.
I can select the different type of film and set their characteristic.
Today, I decided to try the black and white mode on my camera.

The setting I've use is dynamic black and white.
Then I can choose to change the contrast and a few other settings.
For the following pictures, I tried on 3 different contrast settings from 0 to +2.

Setting 1: 0 contrast

Setting 2: +1 contrast

Setting 3: +2 contrast

Out of the 3 settings, I prefer either setting 2 or 3 as they give the good contrast between black, and white.

There are more features to be explored from my lovely LX3.

It's black and white,

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My shy student

This is Sayfun.
As you can see... He is a shy student.
But he is the best and most hardworking student I have taught so far.
Top student for my math class.
He likes to go for his band practices.
Obviously he enjoys it.
He plays the snare drum.

Let me introduce to you, Sayfun.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

AYG- Beach Volleyball Boys Preliminaries

Today was my first time watching a beach volleyball game.
It is also my first game watching live at the location.

This is boys preliminary round of the AYG's beach volleyball game.
It was held at Sentosa siloso beach, the area where my friends and I played volleyball weekly.
The games were exciting, looking at the players serve, receive, set and spike.

I did not know that the entrance fees are rather cheap.
It cost only $4 for the preliminary session and $8 for semi-finals and finals.
Prices excludes sistic's $1 charge.

The weather was pretty hot and its at the beach, so I did not carry my camera with me.
But there's still my trusty 5mp camera hp. :)

How I hope that I can play a 2-on-2 game nicely.
It requires a lot of stamina and running.



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