Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joyous delight

I reached home to find a delight on my table.
My orders from Amazon has arrived early.
Maybe it's the indication that they want me to do well in the Number Theory paper.

I order 2 books on Number Theory out of which, 2 were shipped out first.
From the status at Amazon, it's stated that the shipment will arrive sometime in mid May, which by that time, my exams have ended long ago.
So I thought that I'll get the book as my further reading purpose on my new interest in Number Theory.

But the parcel on my table brought joy for my Number Theory paper coming in 5 days' time.

Very light box to my surprise on my table.

Here it goes... I'm opening it.


Wrapped together to prevent damages.

Book 1: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory by Tom M. Apostol

Book 2.

The second book is too difficult for me to understand.
But nevermind, I shall try to understand it one day.
Yippee and enjoying Number Theory,


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