Sunday, August 09, 2009

National Day 2009

This year's National Day was different from previous years.
Every year, I will never fail to stay at home and watch the National Day Parade live from the comfort of my own television.
However, this year's National Day was spent on site (nearby) with Yuman, Gobi and Wancheng.
The sad part was that we were rather late in reaching Esplanade area and there was not a single good/nice/ok spot for us to sit down.
Luckily, the area where we used to performed was rather empty and so I set out the mat and we sat there.
Later we found out that I was a bad spot as we could only hear and see nothing but humans.

This was what we saw directly in front of us.

Looks like Gobi was caught by paparazzi peiyan.

The finale, which was the fireworks, were blocked by the trees in front of us.
Luckily there were those glass buildings like the new NTUC building which provided nice reflections of the fireworks.
Boy it was magic.
After the fireworks ended, the crowd disappeared.
Some people from the floating platform were dispersing via the Esplanade.
We were the only ones who are still happily sitting on the ground while everyone walked past us and took at us.
WIth the crowd walking past us continuously, I took the opportunity to take a shot of it.

Interestingly, because everyone was wearing red top and white bottom, the image turned out to look like a Singapore flag:

We waited for most of the crowd to disperse before leaving the venue.

Stand up for Singapore!


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