Sunday, April 30, 2006

Haven't been writing in my blog for quite some time.
Exams had ended long ago (26 April was my last paper).
And now, I'm playing Maple Story with Chris and Lewis.
They jio me to BOOTES to play. I usually play at AQUILA.
But i think that i din login for a very long time, so my lvl 25 mage got stripped off all stuff and $$$. That character was only left with a few hundred dollars when i logged in after my exams.

Now i'm training a new character in BOOTES with the help of Chris and Lewis.
Trying to jio Peiying over to Bootes and play too.

Already mentioned, my exams ended on 26 April.
Damn early as compared to my friends.

Good right????
I only had 4 examinable paper.

Cos French's exam is broken up to small tests throughout the sem.

First paper was Econs, Friday 21 April
Really have to thank FIFI and LEO for going thru last sem's paper and studying together while having Swensen's ice-cream buffet which i onli managed to eat 5 scoopes of ice-cream.

Not forgetting MS TAN for answering my econs questions and teach me what i dunno.
I feel i'm not fated to do econs.

Second paper was Physics IIE, Saturday 22 April
That was the killer module that i took for this sem.
Had to memorise formulas from Charges and Magnetism to Quantum.
Thanks for some help from the TA and some hints too... :)
Paper was do-able except for that spider question sitting on the string.
dunno what the heck the question was talking about.

Hope i can score well here.

Third paper was Linear Algebra, Tuesday 25 April
Thank you TPC for your guidence and answering my questions which turned out to be of the same concept behind them.
I haven't told TPC that the Maths Dept changed my mentor from him to another tutor, which i've met him and din like him much.
Thanks to FM during the JC days, it really made me understand Linear Algebra a lot better.
Paper was easy to some extend.
Aiming for a "A" grade for this paper.

Last paper... Advance Calculus, Wednesday 26 April
The past paper scared the hell out of me...
Couldn't do a lot of the questions from there.
Just to realised on that day that the paper was much more better as compared to the papers i've tried and looked thru.
I kept thinking that i had to answer all questions and only to find out after finishing the second question that i only need to attemp 4 out of 5 questions.
Had 1 hr left to finish Q5 thinking that i had plenty of time.
But i started to panick a bit when i 20 minutes into Q5 and i haven't even finish the first part of it and there are about 3 parts left.

haha.... now exams are over!!!!
Start to worry about MONTAGE now.
I'm busy like little bees.
But the real time comes when everyone finishes their exams.

In the mean time, I need to do more exercises!!!!

Oh well... Life goes on..........................................................................

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