Friday, September 28, 2007

Let's Have Fun with Photo Booth

Got tired studying...
So played with Derek's new refurbished Mac Book Pro.
Explored Photo Booth...
We had a great laught playing with the different settings.

I kenna punched???

Funny eyes...

Derek looks like he got sucked into my brain.

I'm tempted too to get a Mac.
But currently got no money to get one.
Who want to sponsor me????

I miss him...

It's not just me who misses him.
My eyes are dying to see him.
My heart is craving for him.
My brain is constantly thinking of him.
My mouth has got lots to tell him.

I think of him because I care.
Staying so far away from school is not easy for uni life.
And he's always reaching home so late at night.
I know he's busy with 2 projects in hand for this semester.
We hardly talk to each other this sem.
We hardly get to see each other.

The feeling is going away.
I finally start to get back the neutral friendship feeling.

But every now and then I tear for no reason.
I can even tear when listening to songs.

So many things I have him mind for him.
My mind constantly remind and reframe me from doing them.
Cos they tell me that I'm just wasting time, effort and even money.
So what I did it,
He'll just say a simple thank you to me and that's all.
Boys are really boys.
Dun expect a return from them.

Do you understand how much I care for you????


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