Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chai Chee Sec: Réflexion numero deux

I stopped using the tablet and latop to teach this week for 2N2.
Because I think that the tablet is causing to much distractions to the students.
They keep asking me to let them try the tablet.
To them, the tablet looks so interesting and high tech.
I guess I am the most high tech teacher in school.
Teaching with tablet.
The limit about my tablet is that it is the wired version, meaning that I am restricted to only a certain distance away from my laptop.
I cannot walk far when I am writing on the tablet.
Perhaps oneday, I shall upgrade to the bluetooth tablet.
So that I can write and at the same time, walk around the class and also get students to participate.
I think using tablet to teach is useful as you leave the important things to write and teach in class and you are constantly facing the students most of the time.
Maybe the students in this school are not yet exposed to heavy usage of technology as a teaching tool.

The students have not in anyway improve in their attitude towards study.
Today, I had class with 3NA and 2N2.
4NA students are having their language intensive program so I would not be seeing them anymore unless they approach me for consultation.

For 3NA, I went through quadratic formula and started on fractional equations with them on the topic of quadratic equations. I'm glad that 2 students sitting at the back are listening to my class today. That makes a total of 5 students following the lesson. I have not spoken to them about my thoughts in maths class and also to answer some of their reflection feelings. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. The rest of the students couldn't even care to listen to my lesson. They were either talking amongst themselves or sleeping away. I even caught 4 boys chewing gum away and told them to either spit or swallow. Seriously, I need help in managing these students who are not interested in study.

2N2's lesson was no where getting better. Although we had a split class today, the boys are still making a lot of noise and disturbing their classmates. The foreign students are still in their little corner and couldn't care less what I am teaching.
The 2 girls who kept complaining that they don't understand when they did not even bother to listen to my class. My reply to them was simple: "You don't want to listen in class and now you keep telling me that you don't understand."

Some of the student are glad that they will not be changing maths teacher until the end of the year. They finally understand that I will accompanying them till the final year exam. To them, they are sure that now there will be safety nets to catch them when they fall.

The amount of planning seems endless. Though I have more free time to spent in school, I am always busy. Busy typing notes and creating documents. I need my afternoon naps so afternoons are always gone and I'll continue doing my work in the evening till about 10pm when I turn in for the night. I think my work management is not there yet. I should make a list of things I need to complete when I get home so that I would not feel disorganised. Planning in my mind is not helpful at all.

Well... I'm looking forward to every holiday and weekends possible. That's the only time when I can totally relax and enjoy myself as me. Teachers' Day is coming and so is the 1 week term break. My goal is that when term 4 starts, I will be ready and prepared to run the exam marathon with the students.

It's sad that lessons will be as usual for the first half on friday...

Happy Teachers' Day advance,


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