Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Physics Paper 1 & 2 tomorrow!!!

Arrgh.... physics paper is tomorrow and i am now not in the mood to study for it!! HOW???????
Ok... relax... relaxing...

MRS FOONG!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

Mrs Foong and the class of 03s20.
Though not the whole class is here. [ Including me :( ]
Teacher's name: Mrs Foong-Hor Lee Har.
Subject teaching: Further Mathematics.
Area specialty: Mechanics.
Commonly seen: At benches with lots of students queueing up to ask her Mechanics questions.
Danger: Catching students skipping FM classes/lectures... hai...

Mrs Foong is my favourite teacher as she is the best teacher of all. Never fails to explain your questions in details, she tries to change the way of explaining if you STILL don't understand. Although the boys in my class always get nagged by her, but the nagging still come to good use when it comes to BIG exams.
She is the best teacher indeed...Posted by Hello


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