Friday, October 05, 2007

VBA: Lesson 1

VBA stands for Visual Basic Advance Application.
It's a program found in Microsoft Office to command the program to run formulas and other stuff.
Why did i learn it?
Because I need to use it for my project in Basic Financial Maths.
It's actually a rather simple programming language and it's easy to understand.
But programming it to become a running program to do what you need to do is not that simple as the theory seems to be.

Lesson 1:
Never name your module the same title as your function name.
Because when you tell the program to run, it doesn't know if it's suppose to run the module or the function.
The program gets confused.
This was what I did and together with my friend, we spent the half a day trying to debug the problem.
And I finally knew the problem just a while ago.


Click for larger view.


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