Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quantum Mechanics????

For once I can understand what the quantum mechanics lecturer is talking.
Cos its all mathematics and calculations...

Then, familar words came up: Probability, 2nd order differential equation.
Quite easy to solve questions.
Wave functions...
But the problem comes when using eauations.
Cannot remember what the equation looks like.

Quantum mechanics looks interesting...
How to get the probability of a particle appearing between 2 distance inside a box.
And all this link to the basic theory of waves.
Waves with both ends closed.
So that we have the fundamental, 1st harmonic, 2nd harmonic wave... blah blah blah
Then the probability density is just the integration of the square of the equation of the wave function from the 2 end points which you restrict or asked to find from.

Then come the energy level thingy... sub numbers into formulas lah.
E= (dunno what) *n^2...
That's all i can remembers now... just 2 hours after my lecture.
Then there is a zero-energy level which all particles will at least have a level n=1 energy.

too much quantum for the day....
getting quantised...

i'm hungry!!!!


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