Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Sisters' Island - Seahorse Mission: Completed

It was a great morning trip to Big Sisters' Island (Pulau Subar Laut) on the second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. To make the trip even better, we had a special guest joining us in today's trip - Prof. Paul Erftemeijer.

The mission for today's trip was to look out for seahorses, and we succeeded! Ria found two tiger-tailed seahorses (Hippocampus comes).
Tiger-tailed seahorse

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last trip to Cyrene reef for the year

It's the last trip to Cyrene reef for the year. We had great weather and sea conditions today.
Cyrene reef is a submerged reef located in an industrial triangle consisting of Pulau Bukom, Jurong Island and PSA Pasir Panjang Port.

The team had fun finding many exciting critters on Cyrene.

My first find will this this interesting small crab.
The crab is slightly bigger than the seagrass.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My first visit to Lazarus Rocky Shore

First trip to Lazarus in the early morning at 5 am. It was total darkness.
The team split up into 2. Ivan and Kok Sheng went off to explore a 1km long artifical lagoon while the rest of the team headed out to the rocky shore on Lazarus side.

While crawling and/or sliding down the rock wall, we were greeted by the land hermit crabs.
Land hermit crab
This rocky shore is really rocky. We had free foot reflexology from nature.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Singapore Got Wildlife, Meh?

This is a great video to show your students or anyone about Singapore's wildlife, done by David Tan, Jocelyne Sze and Eunice Soh.

A community project based on the contributions of Singapore's naturalist community, this documentary explores a simple question that Singaporeans often ask - "Singapore got wildlife, meh?" and sheds some light on the amazing animals found in Singapore, from the elusive common palm civet to the elegant blue-spotted fantail ray.This is also Singapore's first ever crowd-sourced nature documentary, bringing together the photos and video footage volunteered by nature enthusiasts from all over Singapore to tell the story of Singapore's surprisingly rich natural heritage.

Singapore got wildlife meh?

The Naked Hermit Crabs celebrates Singapore National Day at Chek Jawa

It was a great long weekend, from Thursday till Sunday for all government schools (that includes the teachers). Why?
It is Singapore's 47th Birthday on Thursday, 9 August.
On this National Day weekend, the guided from the Naked Hermit Crabs are delighted to celebrate Singapore's birthday with visitors, local and foreign, the wonders of Chek Jawa through the free monthly public guided walk.

Of course, we have a group photo of the visitors with the national flag of Singapore.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sharks, stingrays, cushion stars and many other critters fun at Beting Bemban Besar

After 2 weeks, it is the morning low tide sessions.
The first weekend trip in this session brings us to Beting Bemban Besar (BBB, Triple B).
So where is this Beting Bemban Besar? Let me show you the map...
Image by WildShores
From the above map, Beting Bemban Besar is located off the west side of Pulau Semakau, Singapore's landfill island. It is a submerged reef. The updated Google Map not longer has our submerged reefs labelled but we can still see the reef outlines from the satellite image.


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