Monday, August 20, 2007

Once a Ragger, Always a Ragger

Once again, the annual Rag & Flag is here.
Well... It's just a special orientation event which only NUS.
Rag & Flag starts off with Flag Day to raise funds for 20 beneficiaries.
While Rag Day is a day to thank the supporters who donated by having a float display performance by the various Halls and Faculties.
This year, Rag Day was held at the Padang in conjunction with National Day celebrations.

I volunteered myself to be the photographers for Science Fac (my fac).
Was a tiring and shagged day as I did not have much of sleep.

Final Prep Night (Fri, 10/08, 2300hr, S16):
It was the night before the actual Rag Day.
The science fac raggers are still busy touching up their float and making sure that everything was in order before moving the float down to the Padang at midnight.
And a lot of walking between Science and YIH (where i rested).

Time for touch up...

Details on the structure they brought down from the float.

Testing out the mount and dismounting of the frames.

With all things ready, it's time to load up the lorry.

Sat, 11/08, 0300hr, S9A:
The performers are mostly here already in one of the tutorial rooms at S9A.
Makeup and costume helpers were busy in the room doing makeups and preparing the costume for the performance.

Applying the gold body paint (base layer only).

Face lift???

Gentle touch of the eye lash glue.

Looking at self.

Creating the perfect effect on hair.

0600hr, S16 lobby:
Waited for the science club lorry to fetch the helpers down to Padang.
Was shiok to squeeze at the back of the pickup lorry zooming at high speed down the AYE and into the raffles place before arriving at the Padang with my hair all messed up.
Two things I shot while waiting for the transport.

I'm not sure what this was for.

The S16 "Cleaning Goddess"

0700hr, Padang:
I could see the sun rising up at the Padang.
This could be the only chance for me to chiong to the Merlion Park to shoot sunrise (what some clubsnap photographers did, travelling early in the morning there to shoot sunrise).
But I was too tiried to even leave the Padang area.
So forget about the sunrise shoot.
Will do it next time if I have the motivation to go there that early.

The sun was already up.
Science fac raggers were already busy working on the float to keep it in top condition.
Then came the NUSSU people who said that there is a restriction to only 10 people inside the float boundary at any time.
Oh well... 10 people.

Touching up the roof of the float.

Motivation banner.

Touch up...

Touch up...

And more touch up.

10 people rule... That's how the rest work outside the boundary.

Side view of Muthu, the float God.

Time for power boost... Ole drink.

Let us pray for sucess...

1000hr, The light drizzle:
The touching up work lasted till about 1000hr+ where the float judging was about to begin soon. And just as the judging for static display on the float was about to begin, light drizzle came and all the Halls and Faculties panicked as they struggle to cover their floats.
But Science Fac did nothing except to cover some corners the materials we used were not really prone to rain damage with this kind of light drizzle.
Some of the helpers took this time to rest.

The alumni who came back to help.

Sleepy head 1.

Sleepy head 2.

Sleepy head 3.

Reflections from a car.

Praying for sucess by the Rag Director, Muslim.

"May my wishes be granted."

How can the narrator of a Indian story not have the red dot thingy???

There you go... Perfect!

1100hr, The judging begins:
Finally the rain stopped and the judging of the floats started soon after.
The static display dancers had to move back to the float to prepare themselves for the judging.

Group photo with one of the "Goddess"

Worried look?

Fierce looking master.

Lead dancers.

Demanding queen?

Human hand perch?

Into position.

Muslim, the narrator, explains the details on the float to the judges.

Stab, stab, stab...

Isn't this elephant cute?

Rounding cheer for the static displayers and the judges after the judging.

1400hr, The mailto:warm-ups@tent:
Half more hour to go to the start of the Rag Day proper.
The dancers all had their lunch and their final makeup touching ups.
Body warming began to warm their bodies up for the great performance.
And a few practices here and there.

1500hr, Performance area:
While the dancers had their warm-ups, science fac freshies and seniors had their lungs warmed up for the loudest cheer for the whole event.
Leading the whole Science fac was no other than Science Club president, Ziyang.
And Science Fac's Dean was there too.

Science Club President, Ziyang.

New Science Fac Dean.

Science Fac!!!!

New Science Club President, Edwin (If i'm not wrong).

1700hr, Science Float reveals:
Finally, after enduring the heat and the deafening loud noises from the speakers facing science fac, it's Science Fac's turn to perform.
With good coordination on the float and the ground sheet (though the sides of the ground sheet curled up), science fac team set up the whole display pretty fast.
Science fac cheered their hearts out and supported the dancers throughout the whole performance.

1900hr, Results:
It was a pitty that Science Fac did not win the chancellor shield.
But we did swept away 5 awards.
There were joys and tears around, but we are still Science Fac.

Science Fac Dean, Ex and New.

From this Faculty walks out a winning Rag Team.


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