Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Exams results are out!!!!!

Here goes my reults for year 2 sem 1:

Matric No : U052803X

2006/2007 Sem 1 Examination for SCIENCE 2

Module Code Module Title Grade
MA2101 Linear Algebra II B
MA2108 Mathematical Analysis I B-
PC2130 Quantum Mechanics 1 B-
PC2193 Experimental Physics 1 B
SSA2215 The Biophysical Environment of Singapore B

CAP: 3.11

yay!!! my cap when up by 0.11.
First time see all Bs.
I missed out a 10 marks question for Analysis I and still can get B- (hmmm???),
Term test for Quantum all just pass and in the end i got B- (wow!!!).
SS essay for exam i write till i got not enough time to write down all my points and I got B (phew). -> Leo got U and have to retake another SS mod.
Experimental I think is bcos of the oral presentation which pulled me up and cover my crappy experiment on electron spin, B (O.O).
Linear II got nothing much to say. Tough mod, so abstract. Think the questions are okay. Luckily i did well for the term test (lucky me).

And i thought what happened during my exam period is gonna bring everything down.
So scary.
cos every paper i go in and come out thinking of that issue.

Fifi's grades din make him satisfied.
Though he won Sahan in mechanics.
His cap went up by 0.05.

But it's still way far from his dream of cap 3.0
Hope that things will not be too stressful for him next sem.
With 6 mod to take and holding the position of Porject Director for Montage 2007.

I will provide him with every support and encouragement to make him study harder.

argh... bad cold cough...
*cough *cough *cough


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