Sunday, November 19, 2006

Manfrotto Open House

:: That Someone ::

Dun really noe where to begin.
But somehow, I always have a special feeling when he's around.
The laughter that we'll always have at all times.

But he told me that he's been hanging out lately with another person.
(He told me, not I found it out myself.)
Not someone whom I dunno,
but someone whom we know each other.

My feelings sanks when he's meeting her to study (of all people).
Dunno why I have that feeling.
It happened second time liao.
I'll just tell myself that it's study reason.
So dun think so much.

I dun intend to get anyone hurt in this situation.
And i dun want him to misunderstand me either.

Guessed that you'll know the feeling that I'm having.

Someone please advice me...

Maybe I watched too many tv..


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