Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Went for medical checkup at NUS today at the uni's clinic. Didn't really quite know where to alight. But I did make it to the clinic. It was rather crowded though. Luckily I've filled up the form before I left the house, so registration at the counter was simple and fast. Had to fill up some card for record purposes. First station was the height and weight then followed by the eye check. Then the person directed me to the urine test station. The staff passed me a cup and asked me to fill up a bit. Toilet was a queue cos got only 2 cubicles. Everyone coming out of the toliet carrying a cup of urine. Rather funny... I saw this familar face, looks like Mei Sze but I think she didn't notice me when she came out of she toilet.

After then test was consultation. I saw her again. It was indeed Mei Sze. She saw me too and we sort of made contact from a distant apart.I was called before mei sze and went for the x-ray after that.

X-ray was even crowded with so many people cramped inside a small room with only one x-ray room built. It surely wasn't meant to cater for such freshmen checkup exercise. But the funny thing was that there wasn't a need to change our clothes, even for the ladies with the metal wire inside the bra. Only certain quality prints on tops are not allowed and also accessories are too to be removed. The process was smooth and fast. No need to wait every long before we were given the signal to leave.

But wait.... How come I do not have to take the blood test??? Nevermind, I see that some also didn't take he test. Ha ha.

Later in the afternoon still got eye appointment at the SNEC. Still early, so decided to go down to chinatown for luch and shop around. Just remembered that I needed to get something from Popular so went to the one at Majestic but they don't have the book. Time for lunch. Really missed the food at chinatown hawker centre so just walked across the bridge to get there. Took quite a while deciding on what to eat before I finally decided to try the really cheap japanese food near the beehoon and chee cheong fun stall. Really cheap! Only $3.80 for ugani rice that comes with soup and salad. Its EEL rice... EEL already cost alot. That price for normal chicken chop rice is understandable but for EEL rice? Unbeliveable!!! Dame tasty!!!

After luch had some walk around chinatown and managed to find a small ink pad of the chinese stamp. Cost only $1. Still got 2 more hours to go, walked down to chinatown point to shop. Nothing much to see... Forget it!!! Board bus 33 at abotu 2pm for outram mrt station. Too lazy and too hot to walk there. My feet is in pain form all that walking in that hard slipper.


Okie, I love you... Bye bye...

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