Friday, June 27, 2008


I went to the clinic in sch today since I was on way to collect my graduation gown.
Just in time to make it for the morning clinic before it closes for lunch break.
Since tuesday, I've been getting short cough and breathing with tightness in the chest.
Any yesterday, I had headaches on and off (most probably due to heatiness in my body).
The clinic system register me as a graduate.
Wow, NUS system is fast.
Anyway, I still got my free consultation.

The doctor diagnosed that I have a mild asthma and she asked me of any family member with history of asthma.
Only my sister has it but she recovered when she was young.
Then the doctor told me that she will prescribe the inhaler and cough syrup.

It's my first time using the inhaler

The inhaler.

Mouthpiece cap on.

Mouthpiece cap off.

I'm not sure what's the cause of the slight asthma. Inside the inhaler is medication which will tigger the airway to open up and increase the air intake. This will allow me to breathe better. There's a bit of after taste when you "swallow" the medication.

Puff away,

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