Sunday, June 04, 2006

MONTAGE 2006 - Behind the Seen Seminar

Montage seminar is finally over...
All my stress for the seminar are gone...

Thinking back...
The whole seminar wasn't up to my expectation.
The morning's schedule was screwed up totally.
The support team (a.k.a sia kang team) were not here on time.
The emcee came only at about 10.30am when she was suppose to be there at suntec at 8.00am for the first rehearsal @ 8.30am.
We managed to have time for one full GOH walk-in from where he will park his car.
And then a few run of walking towards the door to perfect the timing.
Then came the silly prize winners, who some of them came after noon when they were told to come at 11.00 for a briefing.
What to do???? Dun go on stage to get prize lor.

Soon... The audience came and started to fill up the theatre.
Sometimes, the crowd was rather difficult to control.
Cannot blame the helpers, cos they are inexperienced.
Good thing that the door closed on time for the GOH to walk-in in time with the emcee's speech.
Things went well from the start of the seminar.
Though Eddie's talk ended too early.
Some cock up with the sponsor's side cos some din want to sit in for 2 hours.
The unpredicted early end to eddie's talk din give us enough time to react and call the sponsors down on time.
Noise made but they managed to go up and received the prize from the GOH.
The rest went on well.
Exhibition area opening was okay but too few people we think.

My friend msg me at the end of the seminar and told me that it was a job well done.
Yah... During the seminar itself.
But other than that wasn't to my expectations.
Maybe that I was juz a noob.
Not very experienced coordinating such a big event.
Overall, it was a very full filling and eye opening experience for me.
To have coordinate such a huge event at suntec with help of my fellow committee memners.

Dinner at YIH function room... buffect spread
Yes... what a place to have dinner after a not so successful day.

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