Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh my...

I've been too busy with Montage that i dun really have the time to blog.
I have got some time, so i'll make it fast.

Results are out already on sat @ 1pm.
Was still stuck at Canon DMH @ Bugis during that time.
Thanks to the new sms system, I managed to check my results.
I'm still stuck at the CAP of 3.
Yah so...

Results for sem 2:

EC1301, Principles of Economics -> S
LAF1201, French 1 -> C+ (shocking... y C+ ????)
MA1101R, Linear Algebra 1 -> B (where's my A???)
MA1104, Advance Calculus -> B-
PC1432, Physics II -> B- (hahaha, fifi, my lab partner got the same grade as me)

Not very satisfied with my grades.
Maybe I set too high a standard for myself.
How to score As?????

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