Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter 5 Dig

Went to chinatown KT to meet fifi and scan my 120 format films.
Can't wait to see the results of my new toy.
Fifi was printing group photos of a department's retreat at Goodwood Park Hotel this morning.
And the boss likes him that he asked him to shoot for the dinner later this evening.
Went to watch Harry Potter with after we're done at KT.
(He already told me it wasn't nice, so I thought I just forget about watching Harry Potter with him. But he asked me if I want to Order the Phoenix yesterday so I agreed since I was damn bored staying at home for the past 2 days already.)

Caught the 1.10pm show.

Harry Potter movie was really disappointing to the core but there are parts which were lame and funny.
This moive is damn cut short from the book.
If any one out there still interested to watch the moive, I rather suggest you add a bit more money and get the book to read instead.
The moive had got too many loop holes.
What's in the book and not in the moive (those that I can remember):

Ron and Hermonie opening their letters for the new school term to find out that they have been made prefects but not Harry.
(I think it's in this book:) The hippogriff which Hagrid had previously was kept in the attic of the house.Harry Potter chance upon the portrait of Mrs Black which caused the curtains covering the portrait to create a lot of noise.
Harry's detention with Umbridge is not just one but many.
The members of DA actaully communicate about the next DA session via a gold coin which each of them had.
The whole of O.W.Ls exams, which one part shows that members of DA (or just Harry) where doing impressing the examiners in Defence Against the Dark Arts practical exam.
Mrs Weasley crying when Fred and George left school and they went to setup their shop.

Ok... that's all I can remember so far.

In the evening, I manage to catch this nice sunset lights on the clouds thru my living room windows.

The figure there reminds me of the the Dementors. hahah.
When I first saw it, it looked like a phoenix.
Went to grab my camera and the phoenix changed into a dememtor.

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