Sunday, June 10, 2007

Montage is FINALLY OVER!!!!

After planning so long for this "grand" event which marks the highest peak as a committee of NUSPS, Montage 2007 Seminar has finally ended.
There wasn't happiness.
There wasn't a single cheer from anyone.
Not even hugging or high fives.
Only a sense of relieve.

It has long come to my attention that my committee is doing Montage for the sake of doing it.
They think that just because Montage have been running for 8 years, the committee must keep it running no matter how dreadful it's going to be for them.

I really feel that my committee is very irresponsible.
I don't see the reason why they made plans to go for internships overseas when they have been working on this Montage planning since November 2006.
It's so... argh!!!!!
They are just finding excuses to run away.
One of them was even worst.
Disappear right after exams.
Another one went home and came back with a job.

The period after exam was crucial.
Yet, only half of the committee was left to continue the work.
With each weekend getting nearer, everyone have to share workload.
I was working on all the events - competition, judging, seminar, exhibition.

Competition -> Email winners, help at the submission station for youth category, coordinate the exhibited entries.
Judging -> Hosted the judging for the whole day without knowing what I'm suppose to say while entertaining ppl, design certificates.
Seminar -> Coordinate with our client service executive in Suntec, plan the moving-in, picking up stuffs, ensuring that things go well, ensure that all things are brought to Suntec.

Rather exhausted doing so many people's job.

At then end of the seminar, we had our committee and group photos taken.
Everyone looked so serious with that relieved look in their face.
Not even a single informal shot was taken.
There was no fun after the seminar.
Everyone packed, ate "lunch" in the evening at the reception area and went their own ways.
We were left with 5 committee members back to school to help unload the things back to DMC.
What a committee they are.
To think that once the seminar was over they are free for their own activities.
I didn't say that they can't go after the seminar
But at least they should very well know that they need to help bring back the stuff to DMC.
I was "working" with Jiexiang and the alumni to plan for a pizza party after we finish unloading the things.
But... What did we have?
5 people with one van enjoying happily at Prata Palace at Clementi.
What a sad thing to hear from...

It's so obvious how my committee treat Montage 2007.

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