Monday, May 14, 2007

You have been dismissed by me.

after many many months of struggling with our Treasurer.
I've finally give up and made the biggest decision.
I'm like the CEO of a company.
Sacking ppl from my office.

I sacked my treasurer.
Reason: Her commitment level in the committee as an office bearer.
She's a Treasurer and yet she behaving this way.
Totally unacceptable.
If she's just any other committee member in my committee,
I won't give a damn shit whether she come or MIA.
She'll just be pissing people off with her disappearing acts.
We used to call her part-time treasurer.
Cos she on off on off for meetings.
Now, we call her Ninjia.
Cos she disappears without a trace.
Fast and swift just like ninjias.
No one can get hold of her.
Needless to say she'll reply any of our calls, sms, msn... etc.

Really pissed me of big time.
During today's meeting,
I stood firm on my grounds and decided that I'll take over the corporate account.
And discussed with the committee that we'll sack her from her position
And her job will be distributed between me and the VP.

Things still have to go on even the committee is getting smaller and smaller in numbers.
Montage will still carry on without them.
I never felt the efforts from those who are missing except for Derek who is in France doing attachment now.
Of all places???

In my heart, I'm really feeling lost in Montage this year.
But I dunno what kind of help i require from the alumni or the senior advisors.

This is not the Montage that i want...

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