Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I regretted for waiting for him to ask me.
I regretted for not stepping forward.
I regretted for not saying yes to what ppl say.
I regretted for not asking him earlier.
I regretted stepping out when we talked over msn.
I regretted giving way to her.

Now I feel very alone.
Seeing all the things ppl received

I can do nothing but to feel lonely inside me.

He thanked me for the Valenine's Day card i wrote to him.
He felt honoured

Is that all you can say???
You have yet to answer what i wrote in the card.

No doubt that we are still as close as ever.
But is that what I really want?

Is it really true that you don't feel for me?

I regretted not scolding at the committee.
I regretted not telling them off tasks left undone.
But then no one in the com ever liked me.

Scolding them may make relations even worst.
I'm in a very difficult position in the committee.
Ppl don't look upon me as a President.
They feel that I'm shouting and bossing around too much.

Am I the cause of all unhappiness to everyone???
No one in the committee likes to communicate with me.

Feel meaningless live on...

a broken heart that can only be patched by him...

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