Friday, June 16, 2006

According to section ###, sub-section ###, para-phrase dunno what...

I hereby declare myself as the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Digital Media Centre Boss and not forgetting my own post, Assistant Secretary. With no oppositions against the announced positions. It shall be declared as a walkover.

Cos Mr. Quantum a.k.a president, has flown to melbourn this evening and we forget to release the birds to give him good luck.
Mr. Satay a.k.a vice-prez, is like MIA liao. Though i saw him on wednesday.
Secretary has gone back to malaysia, truely asia, for his press work.
Mr. $$$ has gone back to KL to relax. Singapore too stressful for him. Too much $$$ to handle.
DMC boss now doing internship, so I'm handling the DMC''s time chit for the friends of DMC.
But then, I hate to walk up and down YIH cos have to climb so many steps up then up the hill to reach the multimedia lab.

That's almost half of the committee...

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