Friday, December 23, 2005

Semester 1 2005 RESLUTS!!!

hey hey...
results came out today for my sem 1's exam.
i can consider my results as good...
here are the grades:

GEK1543 - Microbes Which Changed Human History -> C+
CZ1102 - Computation & Problem Solving -> B-
ES1301 - English (Science) -> B
MA1100 - Basic of Mathematics -> B-
MA1102 - Calculus -> B
PC1141 - Physics -> B-

not bad afterall...
surprised that i got B- for Basic of Maths.
I was expecting to get at most C, judging that i just make it on the dot for my 2 tests.
Wanted an A for calculus.
And i thought i screwed up my GEK paper, and my results came out to be C+.
hahaha... maybe its the group project.

next sem must work harder...
aim to get CAP of 4.
but maybe not so high cos i'm taking French next sem.
new language, so maybe not that good grades for that.
and ECONS!!!
Finally by next sem, when Benita, ms tan and i meet up...
i can finally understand econs terms and can talk econs with them...

my seniors are good man....
got CAP of at least 4, with at least 3As...

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