Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attitude Problem

I hate going to kbox at Tampines now...
Don't ever try to persuade me to like that place.
People there have got very poor custome services.
Food tastes horrible and yet so expensive!!!
Only got two choices today, Laska and Nasi Bryani, and we weren't even told of the price!
Drinks... what more can I say... lemon tea tastes so sweet with so few ice in it.
Luckily we bought subway sandwiches before going there....

That outlet doesn't even open before time... It opens ON time (its considered late to me).
Staff were either not arriving early or not ready to serve their customers.
Goodness it was a weekday... students still studying, so not much people around.

Today's kbox session was rather expensive...
Spent total of $17.50 for two person.
More expensive than what we would have spent if go to the Marine Parade outlet.
Usually about $10+ cos the set luch ordered cost $5.
More appetising and delicious cos really COOK from the kitchen one.
Today's nasi bryani don't know come from where one?
So oily and spicy...
I thought sing kbox eat spicy food not good for the throat???


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