Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dental Operation Tmr!

Oh no... I'm having my wisdom tooth operation tmr. i'm so scared. its under local anaesthesia, which means that only my lower jaw will be numb. wah... wah... wah... oh well, everyone will have wisdom teeth, not 1 but 4 of it. it juz so happen that the lower one on the left erupted partially and in the wrong direction. resulting in a food trap ( like a big gap between teeth ) which caused pain eventually when food gets stuck in it.
haiz... only can take soft food after the op. somemore will experience numbness in the lower jaw cos the nerves is soooooo close to the teeth. but the doctor say will recover in a few month's time and the success rate is like 99% i think. what to do... dun take out will have a period of pain. think operating on it is the best choice before it gets worst.
Take my advice for those experiencing pain due to the wisdom teeth.
You'll just lose a bit of wisdom only *ha ha*

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