Monday, January 18, 2010

NIE Library

I went to the NIE library in the late afternoon today.
Wanted to look at the mathematics textbook to get an idea of the syllabus flow for my math micro-teaching.
I am going to teach on Logarithms but I did not have a specific section to cover at the moment.
What I did was to take down the various Laws of Logarithms and decide later.

The textbook I was referencing from.

The late afternoon sun was shinning through the tall glass widows on the third floor. It created a nice effect the table I was sitting at.

What a nice view from the window.
I had an image in my mind and luckily, my camera was around to capture it.
With the camera I thought, "Why not take a picture of the library's book shelves?"
I made a number of attempts before I could get a decent shot. The position I was in was not an ideal location and most of the shots I took gave a slanted feel or distortions. In the end, I settled for this image.

The NIE library on a late afternoon is really quite. There are not many people around as most of them would have left for their lessons or on their way home.


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