Monday, November 23, 2009

NIE peeps fun

What happens when a group of trainee teachers have no class during term?
We meet up to do our essay assignment and then have lots of fun.

This week, we only have one class left: Edu Psy II.
However, we have two assignments due this week: Physics microteaching lesson plan and Edu Psy II essay.
Initially, one of my classmates told us that she will be coming to school to submit her physics assignment and then stay in school to complete her essay assignment.
Then the idea developed.
We thought of meeting up to do the essay assignment together.
Then someone suggested playing board games.
I have no idea how the board game idea came in.
And so.... We settled on lunch at NIE, study then play board games at Clementi.

We study hard. The Cavern @ Student Services Centre.

Game time! Mad Gab.

It's an intellectual game. Requires "deep" thinking.


Time passes very quickly when you have fun.
Together with this "crazy" people, we have lots of fun together.
Looking forward to the chalet next week.

Hum to the tune of...

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