Monday, September 08, 2008

Chai Chee Sec: Réflexion numero trois

It's the beginning of a new term.
I should be feeling great and refreshed.
Well, I did feel refreshed until my second class.
And hence, my first day of the new term became a exponential misery growth.

The students of my sec 2 class requested for group teaching for those who wants to learn.
There are 7 students in today's class who listened to my teachings.
The rest?... Wild monkeys set loose in a classroom, busy beavers focusing at their own spots, flocks of birds gathered together chirping away.
Somehow, when I was teaching with that small pool of willing to learn students, my mind wasn't even bothering about those who couldn't care less to listen.
Except for once in a while, a few intruders who kept budging into my teaching territory which really irritates me as I have to keep pausing my teaching.
A surprise walk past from the P and he was watching at the student's behaviour in class
I did not really know what to do.
In fact what can I do?
That the reality of how the students behave during my class.

Today's after school program for the sec 3 class was a totally misery, disappointment.
With reminder on thursday before the term break and having the term break to study, I can confirm plus chop with guarantee that none of them even bordered to do it. (except for those who when for school overseas trip)
Only 11 students turned up for today's lesson.
Of the 11 students, only 2 really attempted the questions but failed eventually.
The rest couldn't be bordered, not trying, not even tried reading the questions.
They were happily talking amongst each other, laughing away during the whole duration of the test.
I really don't feel like looking at their test papers.
I don't feel like marking them even.
How I wish that I can one day get so fedup that I'll just stop teaching for that class. I can just go into that class and do my own work.
How I wish...

Sometimes I wish I can just hide somewhere and be alone.
Sometimes I wish someone can really knock at least some sense into them to wake them up.
Sometimes I wish that they will transform into sensible students and study hard and do well for exams.
Sometimes I wish...

I feel so miserable,

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