Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chai Chee Sec: My mentor

I'm glad that I've finally got a mentor.
I didn't when to find a mentor for myself but rather, my mentor volunteered himself to be my mentor.

The previous post was the reflection which I had to write for my mentor so that he can understand how I am doing in the school.
Today he orientated me with some admin stuff and we talked about the classes I'm teaching.
Actually, ever since I've taken over the classes of the maths teacher who left school without a word, I could sense that the students have lost their way in the woods.
As a new guide to lead them out of the forest, I was unable to gain their trust in me.
I understand how they feel cos these classes have been changing teacher time after time.
They are now uncertain about who should they really be following and when will they be getting a real guide that will stay with them till the end.

Sometimes, I wish that the remote control to mute the noisy students, to freeze the hyperactive students from running around, the play button to wake the sleeping or not listening students.
I want to throw them in obedience class or throw them off a cliff so that I'll never have to keeping stopping my teaching to scream and shout at them.

They are not the only ones who are lost.
I am lost too.


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