Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batam Trip - Digital

The original plans today was to go Batam and have fun and the cable ski place.
Unfortunately, the place was so hot favourite that it's fully booked.
Still Gerald, Kelvin and I decided to travel to Batam for sight-seeing and some photo taking.

We took the 9.30am ferry to Batam.
Greeted by the large crowd at Harbourfront ferry terminal and slow clearance at Batam immigration, we made it to Batam in a 1 hour ferry ride.

Our main destination was to Nagoya.
The spa which we planned to go too in the afternoon is located somewhere in Nagoya but we had no idea where it is exactly.

We took a cab down to Nagoya and explored the area in the morning before we happened to find the right guy who showed us the place that we were searching for.

Here are some photos which I took in Batam to share.

More images can be found here.

The weather was rather hot. But by the time we finished our spa session, it started to rain heavily. We made our way back to the ferry terminal and settled for some coffee and donuts at J.Co, located in the mall opposite the ferry terminal. The donuts there are cheaper by about 40%. yipeee...
I bought half a dozen back home cause my family don't really enjoy donuts.

We were quite slow when it comes to money as we were trying to convert the prices to Singapore dollars. Furthermore, currency is in rupiah and everything is priced in thousands. :S

22000rupiah = SGD$???,

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