Sunday, June 08, 2008


Finally, at 10.30pm, I reached Serene's house to join the class gather for about 45min.
They were watching Cloverfield.
Serene looked scared.
By the time I came, they were already half way through the movie.
I just sat down and watch.

This is one boring movie with moster in it.
First of all, it makes no sense to have a normal videocam surviving all that shock, blood, with night mode and the built in light on to have a battery to last throughout the whole movie.
Secondly, it's way to fast for 3 ppl to climb up 57 storeys on stair with that videocam recording.
Thirdly, that auto-fousing scene... rubbish.
Fourth, video is like being retrived after all that rocks falling on it and covering it at the end?!?!?! Like the tape isn't damaged at all from the impacts.

If you tell me it's scary.
I think it's totally not.
It could be because I watched it from the middle on.
But if the last half is so boring, what can the first half spice up to?


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