Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve - Not so eve

It's the eve of the lunar new year...

Waterloo Street
As usual, for the past few years, I've been following my father to waterloo street get some photo opportunity on the temple crowd there.
Unlike the previous years, this time the crowd at waterloo street is much lesser and you can feel it.
And there is a change from the organisers of the temple in allowing crowd in.
Instead of having endless groups of crowd flocking into the temple, they had short breaks after a few rounds to let their staff settle down and rest a bit.
Within that 15min which my father went in and came out, I managed to get some shots...
(We were there after midnight.)

Chiong ah... ...

Relax lah.

Standing out is better than squeezing with the crowd.

I pray... I pray...

Somewhere near Amoy Street
Next stop is a teochew temple which my grandfather has been praying at.
Now my father continues the practice.
It's actually the temple near Amoy street which many people like to take pictures of their spiral incense.

The red lantern

Rows of prayers.

Burn, burn, burn

What did you pray for???

Safe journey

Huat Ah!!!

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