Sunday, December 09, 2007

LAzy me...

"a broken heart that can only be patched by him..."
This 'signature' is always there in creating a post page cos of that miserable time I went thru.
It was a meant to tell him how much I want him back.
But it never appeared in any of my post cos I dun wish to bring back all the unhappiness I went thru when I read my own posts.
It has been one year already...
Though at times I really miss him and hope him to talk to me.
But how... I have this feeling of giving up this friendship with him.
He no longer treat me like a friend.
Not even a sister which he told me he looked upon me when we were together.

Forget about this bastard...
Let's talk about me.
It's been 5 days since i finished exams.
I'm lazying around, too lazy to update my blog, lazy to do anything.
At least I went shopping and bought a bag and a pair of shoes.
But there are more things I want to buy but I broke.

Actually, there are a few people I like.
But I won't say who they are cos who knows they might be reading my blog...

ok... think that's about it all.

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