Sunday, September 16, 2007

SFF 2007 [team China]

A rather outdated event....

Met up with fifi to go shoot the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations Team China.
Waited for quite some time before the event started at 9.30pm.
Boss came later with Corine.
This was the smokiest firework display I've been too.
By the end of the display, the whole of CBD area was filled with smoke from the ignition and you can even smell sulphur.
The fireworks happened in 3 layers, with the top layer too high as what I've framed my camera to be. Thus, I had to constantly adjust my camera on the tripod so as to get the fireworks.
But it was getting too smoky to shoot the pattern . Most of the time you'll only get colored lights.
This was the best I could do to save the photos.

That's all.

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