Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's me...

so long din type any entries liao.
cos i din really have much to say.
nothing exciting about me.
it's still the sad old me.

there's only one type of entry i really want to put here
you should be able to guess it.
but i decided not to.
cos the person who i want to keep this blog out from
has found my blog and read every entry about him.
and she din even feel a thing!!!

i'm such a failure...

oh well, maybe just share something here.
My photog soc bazaar just passed 2 weeks ago.
it was monday and tueday event so we had to set up everything on sunday.
so i asked my father for help to drive the exhibition boards down since he drives a lorry.
=> i'm coming later with my father to setup
and since fifi got something on in the morning, i decided to fetch him to school too.
hee. he agreed.

yesterday, we had meeeting.
i expected it to end at about 10pm but the committee was so fast that it ended half hour early.
thinking that it'll end at about 10pm or later, i ask my father to fetch me back.
i knew him well enough.
when we stayed in school late, most of the time we'll stay till 11pm.
so i asked my father to come at 11pm so that he can fetch him home too.
my father was late.
and so we had the time to just the 2 of us together and also discuss montage.
yes i did sent him home and my father asked him something about his neighbourhood.

i guess i shall keep everything good i spent with him inside my heart and treasure them dearly.
to me, he's my dear.
but to him, i'm his sister.

he's bdae is just tmr.
i've got my pressie fro him prepared.
just need to collect later.
tonight or tmr, i need to convince him to come to dmc.
cos that's where i'll surprise him.
not just the pressie but something else too.
i love him.
i miss him.
i want him.

a broken heart that can only be patched by him...

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