Monday, July 10, 2006

Montage 2006 pictures

It's monday agian!
I'm in DMC working now and playing maple.
Isn't that good??? Play maple and earn $$ at the same time.

I'm kinda slow.
Finally getting my fingers to write this entry cos got lotsa pictures to upload here.

Okay okay...
This one will be about Montage 2006 seminar...
Yes, I know it ended 1 month ago.
The pictures have been storing on my laptop for a few weeks already.
Time to put them up.
So enjoy...

The event display at the entrance to the theatre.

Gerald (course director) and his charity photo display.

Eddie Sung - Rock artiste photography

Yit Leong, our videographer... multi-tasking

I like this cos they both look up at something at the same time. hahaha

This is Stefen - Extreme photography

Geoff Ang - Fashion photography

Kelvin, Gerald & me :0

The Exhibition area.

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