Monday, May 15, 2006

Moi ESPLANADE tag no. 2

I got my 2nd esplanade tag yesterday.
Cos I helped as an usher for their Beatuiful Sunday: Mothers' Day Special concert.
Full house man!!!
Basically, our job is to help usher the invited guests (those from some family centres) from their arrivial point to the concert hall circle seat 2.
I was handling the group from Help Family Centre.
Hahaha... MOstly mothers and kids.

Easy but not so easy to handle.
Had to bring them up to the Concert Hall and paste the Esplanade stickers on them then bring them up to level 3.
No one expceted a full house.
In the end, all helpers got kicked out cos got no seats.
Phew... got kicked out.
THe show was definately not meant for us with all the oldies songs.

Too old for us.
Only 1 hour show, so din really bored to death. Anywai, got the other helpers to chat with.
Mostly from NUS and TP. Think that where the Arts is strong in the school???

Oh well... Back @ DMC now working till 7pm.
And there's only 3 people packing the goodie bags now.

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