Monday, February 27, 2006

Term break???

let me share with you how i spent my term break this sem:

Sat: Tutition, Econs term test, PS meeting.
Sun: OFf day
Lundi (Monday): PS printing of envelopes and notice board deco.
Mardi: Study and some PS work
Mercredi: PS Montage site visit, meeting
Jeudi: PS publicity launch.
Vendredi: School starts....

in conclusion....
what's the use of the term break?
-> to do your CCA stuff with one day to spare to study. (half day i would say).

Good News... NUSSU has come up with the plan to make the term break a proper break from Acadm Year 2006/07. That means we start school on MON!!!! no more confusion... no more fuss about starting school on friday then break on sat and sun. YEH!!!!!

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