Saturday, January 07, 2006


So there i was,
Back in TPJC for CCA orientation yesterday.
In the photog room with the people i dunno except for ben ting...

Yes! I've noticed the 2 new DSLRs in the room D70s...
What i'm aiming for right now as my birthday wish.

This orientation was pathetic.
It was like orientation for the years 2 rather.
I was using the com when something really bad happened...
One of the D70s cam fell onto the floor...
And i saw it with my own EYES!!!

My heart broke man.
Which photographer on earth will happily see a DSLR or SLR drop on the floor???
OH... the poor cam.
barely reach 1 years old.
just becos of cca orientation...
it had to fall from the height of the computer work desk.

heart pain for me...

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