Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finally over.....

After a long weekend + weekdays of studying, I've finally finished all my mid-term tests.
Calculus, Basic of Maths and Computing, and not forgetting my grammar presentation for the english module. Here's the breakdown of the tests:

The whole paper was just plain calculations of limits, differentiation, and differentiability. But i forget the definition of intermediate value theorem and how to show that the function is differentiable. The rest was just fine. No problem.

Basic of Maths:
This was what i was most afraid of. Damn... the paper was difficult as the lecturer always mentioned: "Be sure that quiz 2 is going to be much more difficult than quiz 1." and i really agree that it is true (no need to proven this). Trust me to study so hard the night before, tried the sample paper 2 and made sure that i know how to prove equivalence relations, 1-1 and onto functions, F1 and F2 properties of functions. But the questions turned out to be so different that how don't really know how to apply the prove to them. Luckily i didn't think of walking out of the LT without handing in my paper (we were allowed to do that). Pray hard that i can at least pass.

Why did i take this module?? Not sure but i'm doing it for fac requirement. The test was not so bad except for the source code writing. Not very confident about that section but i tried to write out the full code of what i think it should be. The rest was just normal MCQs, true/false, output questions. Source code was newly introduced in this sem to test if it could be added in exam.

So, let's hope that everything turns out well and that i'll get good grades during exam. My friends said that we don't really have to pass in order to get a B grade cos they will adjust the gradding system accordingly. hmm... My friend said he did only one question out of 8 and he got a B grade for statistics module. ha ha ha....
yeh... i'm going for night shoot tmr

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