Friday, February 25, 2005

Terror Trainee

I never expect myself to be training another person in 7-Eleven since I've just work there for only 2 months. Oh well...

A new staff came to work today and I had to teach her everything. Dam was she slow. Though older than me by don't know how much, she still very new to the system in the store. Well... had a lot of talking and explaining to do. Introduction was no problem but the terror came soon after.

The new staff was a SHE. Got retrenched from Singtel in Nov last year. From what I observed, she had a problem in counting money. What she count and what I count sum to different amounts. She also had a problem in trying to remember the various codes we use to key in certain products and she needs a lot of time in mastering the cash register. A LOT OF TIME!!!

Luckily I got some help from my AM or I'm really going to burst from my patience and start talking with anger...

Oh well... WHat to do??

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