Thursday, November 18, 2004

Physics Paper 1 & 2 ( Follow up )

Hmm... Today's paper wasn't so bad afterall. At least somewhat better than what I had in the Prelims. It seems that the examiners like to set questions on " state the value of...... [ 1 ] ". This kind of questions are indeed easy. So easy that it would be 50/50 chance of getting them right. No method marks, no... , only answer marks. Furthermore... they asked some funny questions in the Data Anlyasis section which i heard from a number of people that they weren't sure of the answers... Is that good or bad??

For the first time, I was able to answer all the questions in Paper 2. Yeh!!!! Though some answers may not be totally correct.
Well, at least that shows that I know majority of my contents. :)

Paper 1 was quite ok except two questions which I wasn't sure of the working...

Overall, I rate the both papers as manageable. It's not that bad as you might have thought of it to be.
Maybe the examiners are out to kill in Paper 3???

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